Placement Services

Unfortunately, there are times when having a Pet Pig is no longer possible. Another unfortunate aspect is that Pet Pigs are often indiscriminately placed without any thought as to the home or people.

We understand the importance of finding a phyiscally and emotionally supportive and safe home for a Pet Pig. If you need to find a different home for your Pet Pig, please let us help.
We use a nation-wide placement network to place Pet Pigs. Pig Placement Network (PPN) is a way to find Pet Pigs homes that are screened and approved by Pig People. We make sure there is follow-up care and education given to all new Pet Pig owners. We can help.

If you are looking for a Pet Pig, then you are in the right place. There are Pet Pigs available now. We use a screening process to find a great fit for you depending on your situation. Not everyone is not allowed to have a Pet Pig where they live, and others will not be deemed suitable depending on certain criteria. Contact Swine And Dandy to give a Pet Pig a forever home.