Boarding Services

As of Winter 2020, we are not taking in boarders.  We are happy to be spending time as a family and focusing our energy there.  We appreciate all the business we have had from our customers over the last 8 years.


Swine And Dandy can take care of you Pet Pig when you can’t. We offer short-term and long-term boarding for outdoor and indoor piggies.  We prefer not to board outdoor pigs in the winter, but urgent situations can be accommodated.

For outdoor piggies, we offer a private 20 x 40 pen with plenty of grass and shade with its own Pig House for sleeping and getting out of the rain. You piggy will also get free range of our entire yard periodically. We provide blankets and food, so there is no need to lug around your own.

For indoor piggies, they will have their own stall with plenty of blankets and our house piggies to visit (supervised of course) as well as plenty of outdoor time. Again, we will provide blankets and food, so leave yours at home for your convenience.

All boarders will be required to be illness free for atleast 3 months or have a veterinary statement if there has been an illness more recently. You will also be required to sign a release of liability form upon check-in.

For a price list for boarding click here.