Our Theory

While trying to remain brief, we will attempt to describe how we conceptualize pet pigs.

Our conceptualization of pigs will resemble that of a small child. This is no accident. Our daily interactions with our own pigs would look similar to a family with a couple 4 year-olds. We have a routine that provides for belly rubs, meals, naps, mid-day activities, snacks, lessons, and tucking in at night. We deal with sickness, misbehavior, bullying, temper tantrums, and emotional needs. We screen our vets, consult with specialists, and treat any ailment as soon as possible. We even chose our home to fit the needs of the piggies. We have committed to treating our piggies as they deserve.

We have come across all types of people who are not familiar with the ideas we present. It is an alien concept to treat pigs like they have feelings. We like to explain the “prey” position that pigs have. They are very attuned to the environment. They must always be aware in order to know if it is safe. Loud noises scare them, overbearing people are threatening, and rough handling is not appreciated. They are gentle and like to be treated as such.