Service Fees

Swine And Dandy Service Fees

*Subject to Change Without Notice*

As of Summer of 2019, we are not taking in boarders or conducting hoof and tusk trimming.  We are full for the summer and are expecting a baby in October.  We may continue boarding and trimmings in 2020 for select cases.


  • Daily Rate (1-14 nights): $25 per night
  • Weekly Rate (2-4 weeks) $150 per week.  Prorated at $21.50 per day.
  • Monthly Rate (Longer than 4 weeks): $360 per month.  Prorated at $12 per day.

*Additional services available when boarding.  Please contact us for more details

Consultation/ Services

  • Travel Mileage: 40¢ per mile
  • In-home/ Phone Consultation: $20 per hour prorated after the first hour.
  • Hoof Trimming: $50
  • Tusk Trimming: $50
  • Pig transportation: $50 plus travel mileage and lodging if needed.