Life of the Party

At Swine And Dandy, we give piggies the chance to be ambassadors to their species.  What that really means is that we are going to expose everyone we can to the wonderful nature of pigs.  At Leslie’s graduation party (she’s a doctor now!), Diesel, a regular boarder, was especially excited to get to know the guests.  He was a gracious host!DSC_0070 DSC_0072 DSC_0081

The regular herd decided that it did not care to be involved much.  Kind of.  Mason gets really excited be out and about with the guests, but like an excited child, Mason sometimes cannot contain himself around lots of people.  He wouldn’t get snippy, but we could tell that his energy level would have created discomfort in the two-legged guests who may be intimidated by the oaf.


By default, Rosco strays from crowds.  Although we take him places, it is more comfortable for him to be in a calm atmosphere.  Our main goal is the safety and comfort of the pigs.  We don’t make them do anything for the sake of others.


And we couldn’t make a post about Leslie’s party without the guest of honor!


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