Managing Nine Pigs in the House

With nine pigs in the house, our routine has become fairly strange.  Rosco, Penelope, Petunia, Snickers, Mason, Stewie, and Stella all get along just fine. Fern can be with Stewie and Stella. Lilac can’t be with anybody.  It is better that way since she is not very good at defending herself against a rogue piggy attack.

Mornings at our house more resemble the morning after a frat party. Rosco, Penelope, Snickers, and Petunia all sleep in the pig bedroom. Mason sleeps in the living room in his tent. Stewie, Stella, Lilac, and Fern sleep in the den.


The pig trail during morning feeding is equally entertaining.  Notice the three (Stella, Stewie, and Fern) who split off from the rest of the herd.  They are creatures of habit, and they anticipate us to abide by their routines.


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