Masters of our domain(s)!

From the night Leslie sat up out of bed exclaiming “I got it!”, we have loved our name, Swine And Dandy. 

When we finally gathered the courage to buy the domain and get a website,  we realized that we were too late–by three weeks–to snatch up the .com.  We have been using .org since then.   This was a mixed blessing since .org is more credible for a business, but it is not as memorable as a .com address.  Worse,  swineanddandy.COM was a charity BBQ cook off.  Yuck!

Since 2011 we have kept an eye on the failing cook off.   It met its demise in 2013, but the address remained registered.   The waiting continued until they lost ownership of the domain in 2014. 

Not so fast!  The .com was bought by one of the many hawks that buy up and try to resell used web addresses.  We could have bought it for the low price of $499.  However,  our pigs need food more than we need the address.  Over the last 2 1/2 years we have checked periodically with no luck of the domain coming down in price. 

Last night,  out of curiosity we checked again.   IT WAS AVAILABLE!  It was public again.   We couldn’t register it quickly enough.  An add on domain was created with a redirect, so whether you go to or you’ll find us!  

We are pleased to have a more accessible way for folks to find us!

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