Tuning up for Piggypalooza!

A week from today, we will be arriving at Ross Mill Farm in Pennsylvania for the Pig Placement Network benefit concert Piggypalooza.  If you have seen our story, you may remember Ross Mill Farm mentioned a couple times.

A long trip (12 hours) with four pigs requires some practice.  We have been systematically “squeezing” the piggies into smaller areas.  They have gotten in the habit of being stalled in the boarding stall which is about 4 x 6.  This is actually a little bigger than the car.  The hard part is getting them all in at the same time.  There are still some dynamics that are difficult to deal with in confinement, but we will handle it.

We will be going for a week so that we can volunteer our time to sprucing up the grounds and working with some of the pigs.  We’ll keep you updated on that.

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