Ahh finally!

Rosco is the winner!!!!

It has been confirmed over the last few days that the alpha pig is now Rosco. While Penelope still dominates him for no known reason, he surely is in charge of Snickers and Petunia. When it comes to food, snickers seems to be in charge of Petunia, but other than that we think she has been accustomed to being the queen. We can now trust to let them all out in the yard together without being in a direct line of sight. When Rosco comes near Snickers or Petunia, they both scurry away quickly while whining. He didn’t get this honor by luck. No doubt he had many more battle scars than everyone else combined. Interestingly, even though Penelope dominates Rosco, she is still scared silly of Petunia. They’ll come around though. We’ve even been able to snuggle everyone in the living room together when doing some movie watching in the evenings.

Currently, Snickers has not yet learned his yard manners though and therefore has to be locked in the guest pen until he can learn not to dig. We’re not too sure we’ll win that battle in the short time he has left though. He is digging for something particular though. There’s a¬†dandelion¬†root at the bottom of each hole ;o)


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