Another day at S&D

Rosco and Penelope aren’t exactly friends with Snickers and Petunia yet ┬ábut their tolerance of each other grows as their time together approaches an end. Leslie even got Penny and Snickers to snuggle together in the living room last night.

Unfortunately, after being here for 2.5 months without a potty accident, Snickers has had 2 in the last few days. Will and Leslie think it was their fault though for not following the rule of pigs in the house- routine. It doesn’t help that the guy drinks about a half gallon of water a day either. ┬áSnickers and Petunia are both doing so good with their indoor behavior though; no more tearing up carpets and tipping over water bowls.

Also, everyone seems to really enjoy all the tree trimming we have been doing the last week as well. They all say, “we’ll get those branches ready to burn faster by getting all those leaves off for you!”

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