Bloated babies

If it weren’t for the fact that Petunia has more hair, it would be very challenging to pick out who is who from the looking downward pictures. We had to keep everyone in for 2 days to recover from the amount of bloating they had done to themselves, and they have already returned to their expanded condition in a matter of hours. What can I say… they are good at what they do!


Yesterday Snickers was such a good boy coming back into the house after the lunch time excursion. Everyone had to get their harnesses on to go outside so that when it was time to come in, Leslie could leash them up and make them come inside. Otherwise they would be out there all day and Leslie has gotten tired to carrying Petunia across the yard to get her inside. So Snickers (for the first time without a huge fuss and so much anxiety heĀ aspirated) he slowly followed Leslie in little tug by little tug. Such a good boy. Petunia came in fine but she just gives you the stink eye the whole time. We sure will miss these guys!

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