Blowing their coats!

Pig owners are well aware of the yearly (twice a year for younger pigs) blowing of the coat. Usually this happens during the warmer months which allows for a full coat in the winter. However, sometimes piggies will blow their coats a bit early if they are always indoors or have lots of extra warmth.  This is usually the case when there are wood burning stoves in the home.

It is a tell tale sign that it is time when we come home to the leavings of an itchy pig trying to shed the loose hair.  Piles of hair in random places from human-assisted blowing are also typical.  The cost of pig ownership.

DSC_0270[1] DSC_0271[1]

Mason and Rosco are on schedule with their yearly duty.

DSC_0281[1] DSC_0282[1]

True to form, Penelope is too stubborn even to let genetics and nature do their work on time. She will soon be disappointed because regardless of how long she tries to hold out, she will be a bald chick before long.


Not to be outdone, Leslie blew her coat over the weekend.  She got 16 inches cut off to donate.  This is by far the shortest her hair has been since she was a young child!

DSC_0172[1] DSC_0212[1]

The pigs are not impressed. Rosco was heard to grumble, “Big deal!  I’ve been doing this every year for almost 10 years now!”


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