Happy pigs

It has been one hot summer with near record highs and very little rain. That doesn’t seem to slow them pigs down though. Thankfully for the piggies, they get a good amount of early morning and late evening time to be outside most days. Everyone except Rosco is learning to be an early bird to spend more time outside. Snickers has been doing great with his manners. He lets out whimpers on and off in the morning to get out but no naught behavior. He digs the occasional hole outside but only to cool off. He isn’t sure about the pool yet. Now if only I can get him and Petunia to stop eating my Hostas! All the pigs love their new room and sleep in one group most nights. They tell Leslie every night though that they miss their mommie and she reassures them that mom loves them very very much. Leslie says mom will come visit them in the fall so she can love on them before she has to go to work again.

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