On a day like today, that coat has to go!

On a day such as this, Penelope demanded that her momma take her wooly covering off.

Penelope: “Enough is enough momma! That weather man did tell you it’s supposed to be hot all weekend too. Besides you are over due for givin’ me some lovin’! ”

Leslie: “Okay then sugar. Let’s go get you taken care of… uhh yeah right. We’re doing this outside.”image



Rosco: “You’ve got some catching up to do sis. I’ve only got a few hairs left and I’m nice and comfy.”

Ducky: “I don’t know what you guys are talking about but do you have food?”imageimage


Leslie: “You’ll just have to be patient there sweetums. The rest is still stuck to you pretty good.”

Penelope: “Okay rub my belly some more anyway.”



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