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It was an exciting morning at Swine And Dandy!

A local news station, WWMT 3, stopped by to check out what we do at Swine And Dandy.  Aaron was an excellent interviewer and got some awesome shots of the pigs doing what they do best.  As always, he was entertained by the pigs.

We had an opportunity to talk about the teacup myth as well as the pros and cons of having pet pigs.  But most of all, we were able to promote the pet pig as a household pet to the entire southwest region of Michigan!

The segment will air on WWMT 3, November 16, 2015 somewhere between the hours of 5:00am and 7:00am.  If you are local, you can catch the action there.  If not, the segment will be on as well as on Swine And Dandy’s website when it becomes available to them.

Here is a snippet of the action here:





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