Swine And Dandy is now a LLC!

Because we are doing more boarding (i.e. more liability), we thought it would be prudent to register as a LLC, a step up from a sole proprietorship.  We got our acceptance of LLC today in the mail.  We will soon have our insignia (on the home page) servicemarked once that application goes through.

Now about the pigs.  Today Rosco and Petunia got into a pretty exciting scrum.  Until today, Petunia was almost always victorious.  However, Rosco got her into a rather uncomfortable position and she scurried away.  This is the first time either has actually run away from a fight. A good sign for a long-term truce, this may be the last real fight they get into.  At this point, they are both gingerly avoiding one another.

Meanwhile, Penelope is madly avoiding any confrontation.  She is too old to get into too much trouble with the young whipper-snappers.

Snickers is demonstrating a first-to-us behavior.  When Petunia begins *to bean at Rosco, Snickers will calmly walk between them and encourage Petunia to walk away.  This will range from Snickers just gently pushing her away to nipping at her neck/jowls.  He is a peacekeeper for sure.

*to bean/beaning The shape that a pig will make when aggressively engaging another pig

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