The Resurgence!

Each spring is a delicate balance between snow melting and evaporation. Despite our best efforts-and hopes- we have a very mushy yard and standing water. This is par for the course. However, a new 12 by 18 awning has helped to keep a larger portion of the immediate backyard drier than usual. This helps to keep the mud more in the yard and less in the house. However, there is still going to be mud in the house no matter what you do.  The best we can do is make sure that what is on their hooves is mud and not the alternative! 

Here Rosco, Penny, and Mason are enjoying mid afternoon snacks and warmer temperatures than usual.


Penelope, despite the warm sun beating down on the deck and the blankets that I put out for her, would rather be inside still even though it’s cooler in the den that is on the deck!


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