Waiting for spring to get here.

When we moved into our new home about 2 1/2 years ago, Swine and Dandy was not even on the radar.  We found, during the first summer, that we had “accidentally” rescued a piglet and two juvenile females.  Before we knew it, we were an organization.  We conceptualized and developed the mission of Swine and Dandy that winter.  Since we became a Sole Proprietorship, and more recently a Limited Liability Company, we have been striving to develop the money-making aspects of our business.  That is, we are looking to improve our outdoor boarding facilities as well as get our stinkin’ grass to grow.

Last year was the first that we were able to actually give a great deal of attention to the lawn.  The patchy yet mostly thin grassy areas of the back yard are the products of the previous owners letting the lawn go for so long.  As the drought all but obliterated our efforts to establish the lawn, we will begin more vigorously this season.  The dryness can’t be any worse this year…right?

We have been blessed with a steady stream of boarders this year to be able to begin work on some sort of out building to hold multiple outdoor boarders in any kind of weather.  We adapted out current outbuilding with an insulated inner-section with heat.  Although it does the trick, we are looking for something that is specifically suited to our needs.

Swine and Dandy is always looking for opportunities to serve others in order to raise money to fulfill the mission we have established: to help provide knowledge and resources to the community of Pig People and to raise awareness of the issues of pet pig ownership.

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